Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer:

Buyer agrees to have any used firearm checked by a certified gunsmith prior to firing. Buyer assumes all legality, liability and responsibility for the condition, use & security/storage of the firearm purchased.

Buyer certifies by purchasing a firearm from GreySmoke Tactical that he or she is legally qualified to purchase and own the firearm and that there are no state or local laws preventing ownership and owner will utilize a trigger lock to prevent accidents. Buyer understands that all firearms are potentially dangerous if handled improperly.

As it is a matter of record that GreySmoke Tactical has no established testing facility, GreySmoke Tactical assumes no liability for the safe functioning of any firearm sold. Buyer must be at least 18-21 years of age to purchase any firearm please check with your ffl / gun transfer dealer on age requirements in your state.

Upon purchase, buyer assumes all liability and responsibility including but not limited to the usage and safe storage of the purchased firearm. Please read all information listed on our web site before purchasing, warranty, shipping etc. deposits are non-refundable and returns are not accepted.

GreySmoke Tactical will gladly assist in facing with the manufacturer to replace any firearm/accessory deemed factory defective. Please ask any question before placing an order.

All warranty issues will be sent direct to the original manufacturer or factory, GreySmoke Tactical does not cover the warranty but will be glad to assist in facilitating your warranty claim.

While most orders ship the next business day, some products may take up to 2 Weeks to ship. Feel free to shoot us an email at any time for shipping updates.